Japanese wordbook & flashcard
Japanese wordbook & flashcard

This is a full-fledged, rich content and intuitive user interface Japanese dictionary app.

Here is some features that make Japanese Dictionary stand out from other Japanese dictionary apps.

Outstanding features

* Browser like word navigation. Just tap on any word either english or Japanese to look up the translated word and definition. Note: For Japanese word in example sentences, tap the sentence to magnify the sentence, then trace Japanese word in the sentence to look up its definition. Please take a look at the screenshots to see it on action.

* Custom handwriting search WITHOUT requiring the correct stroke order to find a Kanji character you are looking for.

* All Japanese with furigana (kanji along with hiragana) support.

* The dictionary includes not only equivalent translated word, but also synonyms and definitions for a better understanding of the meanings of word.

* Speech synthesis for all example sentences and Japanese words.

* Full featured customizable flash card system as learning tool.

* 225000 Japanese entries (Japanese->English)

* 86352 English entries (English->Japanese)

* 60000 sentence examples. (Both English and Japanese)

* 6638 Kanji entires including the latest 2,136 Joyo Kanji issued by Japanese authority in 2010, the latest 861 Jimeiyo Kanji issued by Japanese authority in 2010, and the latest 1,022 Hyogai Kanji issued by Japanese authority in 2000.

* Support Kanji stroke order animation.

* Each kanji shows some compounds listed in order of frequency.

* Advanced search feature, searching the word by Japanese, reading, romaji, radical, or meaning.

* Support full custom Bookmarks management and history.

* Auto generated flashcard based on your own bookmarks.

* Universal app which supports iPhone, iPod and iPad device.

* FREE !!!